Customers with a problem like to get their problems solved immediately.

Sending tickets over email and waiting for support to respond, is one of the primary reasons for customer churn.

PuristChat Chat Support empowers your app with “realtime support” by enabling support over chat with your support team.

Super Easy Integration

Your app can be integrated with PuristChat Chat Support in 5 minutes over 3 simple steps

White Label

The solution is fully white labeled. So your customers will not see PuristChat mentioned anywhere, unless you want them to

Carrier Grade

PuristChat runs with cutting edge technology on carrier grade hardware. This means, we are always up, and always at 100%

Zero Latency

Users will never face a lag in their messages or responses

Priced For Everyone

Multiple pricing plans mean you only pay for what you want

Entirely Configurable

You can customize the number of support operators you want, the number of support categories / rooms that your users see, the names of these support categories and a lot more

Always Online

Even if your users are on the other side of the globe, with offline messaging to the support team and responses over PUSH notifications, you can support users in any timezone

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